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Butter London Haul

Butter London Haul

Butter London Haul, Many of you nail bloggers know there is a certain kind rush associated with the discounted purchase of expensive nail polish. The idea that a company can charge $12-$30 for a bottle of nail polish to me is still crazy. Despite my love of nail varnish, at the end of the day I can't justify paying that much for less than 1 oz of liquid ANYTHING. That said,  this post is large one and it's part one (of I don't know how many to follow) featuring Butter London polishes. The past few weeks I took advantage of two sales that were featuring Butter London. Coterie had buy three Butter Londons get a matte top coat for free and as a new member I received half off plus free shipping. Then Ulta had a one day BOGO sale so I stocked up in the store and purchased online that same day while using my points for added discount I paid an average of $5 for each of these when they retail between $14-$18. I would say that's a great deal. So without further adieu here is Aston, the infamous Wallis, and Yummy Mummy. Warning this post contains lots of pics :)


Aston is a gorgeous mauve with a silver shimmer. Consistent formula and easy application. One criticism was the brush was not as thick, smooth or full as I would like. The bristles seemed a little cheap on the quality. One plus is how fast the polishes dry.


Below we can see the slight silver shimmer in Aston. This is a more conservative color and almost reminded me of something my grandmother would wear but the shimmer made it less dull and added a little something extra special.  


 Below is Wallis which has been an IT color this Fall. Heavily pigmented olive green with heavy gold undertones. In the bottle it looks like there is some black too but I can't tell if it's part of the green or gold. This color reminds me of Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches which is one of my all time faves.


Below we have Yummy Mummy which is a beautiful nude. I was surprised how good it looked on my skin tone. I thought it was going to be too ashen. This is a cousin of Aston because it has the same silver shimmer and consistency.


I wanted to try a simple yet sexy design with this nude so I added Milani Black Swift and created this long V design. 

The lines are not as clean as I would like but I'm happy with the effect. I received lots of compliments on them. Some of the  men at my job said they were "Art Deco Wicked" lol. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

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