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Revlon Moon Candy

Revlon Moon Candy

Revlon Moon Candy, It's been a long time...but I'm here! Still swatching, still buying lots of pretty polish. The next few posts are going to lead up to the long awaited Zoya Gilty 18K Gold topcoat, which has finally arrived. Recently I have had the blessing of running into a few great sales at Target and Walgreens. At Target they had a sale on Loreal Nude shades which I love and also some of the Revlon Duo Nail Art. I have seen the nail art before and there was only one that I would consider purchasing because of the color combination: two ugly colors that together look cool. I didn't think it was worth over $8 so I waited and while shopping at Target one day I found the one I wanted. Here it is: Revlon Moon Candy


The colors are named #1 (below and above) and the formula on #1 is not great. I did a thick second coat to cover lots of balding. It was very streaky on the first coat. I love the color though and for $3.42 I'm not complaining. 

This is color #2 which spread very nicely. I was impressed. 

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