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Newspaper Nails

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FINALLY!!! I was taking forever to try this technique and I have no idea why. I have seen so many people do the newspaper nails and I wanted mine to be a little more abstract and av ant guard. Most of the other manicures  with this design that I saw were all the same size, shape and darkness in lettering. I wanted mine to have a theme.  I took last week's issue of the Florida Courier and set to work cutting out random pieces out of the political section and controversial cases. I managed to get a caricature of the president, a piece of Rock The Vote, the word Vote, READ, The Women's Coalition for Voting Rights, and some updates on the Trayvon Martin case. I'm pretty happy with the results and surprised at how easy it was. For me dipping the pieces of newspaper into alcohol and applying directly to the dried base color worked best. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

This is OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls (from the Spiderman collection) This color is not white although it appears to be. It has the slightest blue-gray tint to it and goes on like a dream. 

Picture above features from L-R: article on Trayvon Martin case, Women's League on Voting Rights, article on Trayvon Martin case, READ, article on Trayvon Martin case

Picture above features from L-R: Vote, Rock the Vote, political comic strip, article on Mitt Romney and the thumb is the caricature of the president :)

I couldn't resist this and thought it was the funniest thing. I love my president! 

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