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Take your Best Shot

I wish I was as talented as many of the nail blog artists I see online, but I'm not in area of drawing and imagery. So SH Salon Effects is the next best thing in my case. I like these because obviously the designs are pre-made, varied in nature, and can be complimented with other polishes. The only drawback to SH Salon Effects is that they have to be applied quickly to the nails otherwise the design will stretch and become distorted. The remaining applications in the package will dry out if you don't use them quickly, so unless you seal them in something air tight, you don't get to use all that's in the package. Here are a few of the designs I've used in conjunction with my other polishes. I call this Take Your Best Shot because this is my best shot at making elaborate designs. Lol Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Design is Laced UP (I think because its discontinued) and the nail polish is SH Quick Sand

Design is Misbehaved. This one is my favorite by far. The bling alone, along with the design I felt was very flattering. I left this on for 8 or 9 days which is a long time for me.

Design is Brattlesnake

Design is Cut It Out and nail polish is Ulta "Concrete Evidence"

Design is Kitty Kitty and nail polish is Ulta "Lotsa Luxe"

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