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Oh Happy Day!!!

I'm so excited to be going to the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers event today on I-Drive. Clumps Of Mascara founder Brittany Minor is hosting this spectacular  meeting with various Central Florida Beauty Bloggers. From nail polish to mascara and all beauty in between she has put together an eclectic group of women designed to inspire, share, motivate, and encourage the love of beauty and self expression. As a new blogger I can hardly wait to meet these ladies who are in full swing with their blogs and have created a large following. I was inspired to take an inventory of my growing collection. So far I have 303 nail polish beauties and here they are:

Here are the selected few that I am bringing to the meet to share with the ladies.

More pics of the actual event to follow. :)

So the event was awesome and I was able to connect with so many wonderful women. I can't say enough about how special I felt by the warm welcome I received from complete strangers. All because of my blog hero Cristina Foster of Let Them Have Polish who posted about the event. I was able to meet her and pick her brain and she is just as wonderful as her blog. Here we are: 

That's me on the left :) and Cristina :))))

The other highlight of the meet for me was connecting with Maria of Cult Nails. Talk about inspiration!!! This woman was able to launch a nail polish line from scratch within 3 years and the business is successful enough that she recently quit her day job. Way to turn a hobby into a money making business. One day I hope to launch my own polish line, and Maria was helpful with her insight and encouraging words. Here we are: 

The other highlight of the meet were all the samples, makeup and nail polish I came away with . Since this was my first meet, I didn't know how the swapping worked. I thought we would be polishing eachohters nails and swapping polishes like men do baseball cards. "I'll trade you my American Apparel Lopez Canyon for your Sparitual Sacred Ground". When they told me you just dig and grab, I thought I died and went to heaven! I had nothing compared to the collections these ladies have so I was beyond thrilled! To top it off I won a Milani gift bag with 29 more polishes and tons of makeup. It was a really great day. 

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