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Nail Polish Too Many to Name

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Nail Polish Too Many to Name

Nail Polish Too Many to Name, Going through my untried polish I decided to create a combination in the same vain as this post because I liked the varied designs all together. I started with my favorite indie brand MyTenFriends in Close Encounters and from that color I was inspired to add Essence Break Through and OPI Honey Rider. As with all the MTF colors Close Encounter has the typical consistent, densely packed, easy spreading wonderful formula. Essence Break through is thin and I had to build it up using three coats. OPI Honey Rider is absolutely gorgeous! Some people are not into the new Liquid Sand, Sugar, Gum Drop phase of polishes now but I think they're great. This combination came out just as I imagined and I'm really happy with the results. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

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