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Zoya Stacy and Bonita Gold Glitter

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Zoya Stacy and Bonita Gold Glitter

Zoya Stacy and Bonita Gold Glitter,This is a color that I loved so much I bought it twice without knowing! I normally wait until Ulta has Zoyas on sale to purchase them. I can't stand waiting for polish in the mail, I get too much anxiety lol and I don't like paying for shipping. So Zoya Stacy is a color that I have seen swatched a few times and seeing it in pictures I kept thinking "this color looks very inconsistent". So I finally swatched it and added a little bling with Bonita Gold Glitter on ring finger. Here she is:


Look at the huge difference without flash (below) and full sun (above). Talk about two different colors! The application was difficult in the sense that it was not consistent enough. The consistency of the polish is too thin and should be thicker for smoother application. On my pinky you can see slight balding. Overall I would give Stacy a "B" because of the formula. 

Middle finger and pinky showing some baldness :(

Almost broke my pinky nail before this shot, but thank God for gel resin! 

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