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Close to My Heart

There are some colors that truly touch my spirit as corny as that sounds. These colors make me feel so gorgeous, and applying them only enhances my initial love for them in the bottle. They are definitely Close to My Heart. Thoughts? Feelings?  Concerns?

Essence "Date with the Night" is one of my all time favs. This is $.99 of pure joy

Nina Ultra Pro "Mossy Britches" is the prettiest green I own. It combines emerald. peridot, with gold undertones. Gorgeous!

OPI "Designer De Better" the first swipe of the brush I literally gasped in awe. It's like liquid platinum with flecks of gold. Amazing!

Ulta "Dance Teal Dawn". This is so deep and true to it's name. Literally the color dances in the light and switches from blue to green and back again. Great teal. 

Orly "Ingenue" reminds me of OPI "Its  My Year" It goes from fuchsia to the golden tan sparkle you see below. Another one that dances in the light.

China Glaze "First Mate" is a great blue that reminds me of my favorite jeans. Its the only blue that in my mind feels like a neutral color that I can wear with anything. 

China Glaze "Unplugged". I was looking for a metallic chocolate brown and I found it in this color. I have a love of earth tones and metallics and this color combines both. 

SH Diamond Collection "Save the Date" This is my absolute favorite color I have EVER worn. Not ever seen, but I have to say when I picked this up I didn't think I would love this so much. Lets' just put it this way: if the house was burning down I'm coming for this bottle. 

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