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IKEA Helmer

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So many of the women in the nail polish blog community have their polishes stored in this wonderful, old-school, sturdy little metal filing cabinet called a Helmer. It's available at IKEA and retails for $40. It comes in red, white and gray and each container holds about 500 polishes. This is perfect for a growing nail polish therapist like me :) Here is my before storage system where I literally was pouring out of my boxes and bags with nail polish.

Here is my beautiful new Helmer and complimentary box (to hold my nail essential items other than nail polish) 

My husband had the great idea to organize the drawers based on seasons for now. I don't always follow the season when it comes to what color to wear but I thought it was a great idea for me to see what I had most of. It looks like the Fall and Winter drawers are almost full. :-/

Here they are close up. All sizes of polishes fit perfectly. It's awesome and I wish I had this so much sooner. 

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