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Zoya Alegra

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The first polish from Zoya I decided to try from my haul was Alegra. It's practically a dupe of Sarah, but I didn't care I had to have them both :).Alegra is a bright fushia with pink undertones. I was so frustrated with how this color photographs. I tried my hardest to capture the dimension but it didn't come out very well. So here she is:

Above is Alegra in full on natural light, below is natural light too but you can see the difference. My camera did not like this color :( 

Below is Alegra in the shade

Below is in artificial light. This is 2 coats and you can see there is VNL (visible nail line). I didn't add a third coat because I knew i was going to add to this

I wanted to try a look that I have seen and just thought was so classy. I have no idea what the official term for it is, but basically all you do is start the polish from far below the cuticle line. Let me know if there is a term for this so I can be more accurate in my description the next time I try this: 

I absolutely love this look the same way I love the gradient glitter look! Anything that is simple and easy to do with major impact is my kind of artwork. 

I couldn't leave it alone so I added a Stripe with Milani Black Sketch. 

Thoughts?  Feelings? Concerns? 

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