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S*X*Y Toes

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Some of you might not know this but my obsession with nail polish kind of began back in middle school when I used to do my toes religiously at least once a week or more. The funny thing is I rarely wore sandals, even in sunny Florida. I was into the big baggy clothes and always wore the latest sneakers. For some reason I was fascinated with how much I could change the appearance of my toes with a simple pedicure and bold color. At that time I would use my mother's supplies and hide in the bathroom to do my toes hoping that she wouldn't fuss at me for stinking up the house with polish remover and polish! lol

The other day I stopped in at Payless Shoes Source because I heard they had nail polish. It seems as though everyone is carrying polish in their store. So I picked up 5 shades (was that a bit much?). This one is gorgeous and I have nothing else quite like it. It's called S*X*Y and the color is Coral Couture. The formula unfortunately leaves a little to be desired. I haven't had a formula separate as much or go on so thin. I did two thick coats to get max coverage. Here it is:

The picture below is full sun. You can see on my big toe how the color separates in the middle and on the right side, and its not the smoothest. This color was so beautiful in the light to me that it didn't even bother me. 

Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

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