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Zoya Maisie and Sation Oh My Oceania

Still working on that Summer drawer, and almost ready to skip on to the Autumn drawer, I found this beauty in the back of the drawer. I forgot I had it lol! It's Sation Oh My Oceania and its a lighter version of Sation Miss McTeal. Oh My Oceania is much more creamy in consistency. It was easily  1 coater, but I was enjoying it so much I decided to do 2 coats. Then I added Zoya Maisie on top. I loved this blue-green, glassy flecks looking glitter. The glitter lays flat and looks like it's in shreds, but adds just slight bit of dimension to an otherwise flat creme. I like how subtle Zoya Maisie was because I didn't want it to compete with Sation Oh My Oceania. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

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