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Jamberry Nails

Last night I went to a Jamberry Nail Party by Angie. This is another product which is going to take the nail polish community by storm. This is not just your average nail shield, these are heat activated, no chip, no smudging, crisp, clean and creatively designed nail shields. As much as I like the Kiss Nail Dress and Sally Hansen Nail Effects I think these designs are better than both of the previous mentioned products. Jamberry Nails are fairly easy to apply if your nail beds are fairly flat. I had some trouble with the sides of mine wrinkling because of how curved my nails are, but with practice I'm sure I will get them perfect! I used them on just my pointer and pinky fingers to start and added more designs to my other nails. Here is how the strip comes:

The best thing about the strips is that they don't try out and you can use one strip for two nails
 From left to right: BTouch: Steal Your Heart, Milani: White on the Spot, Milani Jewel Fx: Teal, Milani Nai; Art: Black Sketch

Picture above is in natural light, below is artificial light

  See my wrinkles on the side :( I'll get it better with more practice. Please excuse the dry cuticles.

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