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Cult Nails Crusin Nude and Candeo Old City

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A few weeks ago Cult Nails had a $5 sale which I had to take advantage of. I bought Crusin Nude, Let me Fly, and Hypnotize Me. I was so excited to get these, as they were all on my Wish List. Maria brought them to me at during our Bloggers Meet so I didn't have to wait for them to be shipped! :) I have to say that this color is one of my top favorite nudes. It's not easy making nude polishes without excluding a large group of people.  This polish although not dark enough for some women of color is so neutral in base with the slightest pink shimmer that anyone can rock it! Here she is:

Unfortunately my camera didn't want to capture the slight pink shimmer, but I promise it's there. Just a hint though and it doesn't over power the nude. It's a perfect pairing.

Of course I couldn't leave it alone so I added Candeo Old City. I love this glitter and was so fortunate to get it during our swap from Kim at College Polished. Here is the gradient I created: 

Gradient glitter is such a quick and easy way to spice up a very simple color. I love this look. So classy and clean with a hint of bling. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

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