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Del Sol Color Changing Polish

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I was fortunate enough to get a free bottle of Del Sol outdoor color Peek A Boo during the second bloggers meet a few months ago when Del Sol was one of the sponsors. Del Sol is a color changing polish line which changes in the sun. The color change is noticeable and happens pretty quickly as soon as the nails are exposed to the sun. When back under artificial light or in the shade the effect fades away. Years ago my mother bought me a Del Sol beach bag which had the same effect. There was a sun design on the side of the bag and it appeared clear to the naked eye and then appeared in color when the sun hit it. Pretty cool :) . The bottle I have was a clear so it can be applied to any color. I was really enjoying the last manicure with the rhinestones that I decided to apply a coat of Del Sol to see how it would change. Here are the results: Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

The color change is evident in the picture below. The color turns into a deep peach. The color above is the bottle outside of the sun in the flesh/clear tone.  The effect on the polish is Teal to Forest Green.

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