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The Gilded Age

I was waiting to get my Bundle Monster plates for what seemed like weeks! I had a failed attempt at stamping when I bought the MASH plates and was about to give up on stamping all together when I got the Bundle Monster plates. These plates are much better and they also work with most all nail polishes. For the nails I used OPI Don't You Just Love OPI and on my toes I used Revlon's Fashionista. I wasn't too happy with the way the stamping came out on my nails so I added Essie's As Gold as it Gets over the stamping to give it a gilded look, hence the naming of this post. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

My camera doesn't do this color justice and it barely captures the gold hue of the color. I like the combination that OPI selected with this color. It's just the right amount of gold to add an accent but not overshadow the purple. Please excuse the cuticles.

Here is the BM plate 214 with the Essie As Gold as it Gets. I still have to get used to aligning the design properly on the nail from the stamp. The addition of the Essie color helped camouflage that. (natural light)

On my toes I did Revlon Fashionista, and I H&M Gold Treasures for the stamping color. I used the same plate BM214 but I used it in random directions. I like how it turned out. (natural light above artificial light below)

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