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What a disappointment....

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I've been trying to get through my Helmer drawer of Summer colors. I have so many that I've never used and despite the fact that my Autumn colors are calling me and the glitter drawer has been distracting, I'm committed to swatching the rest of the Summer drawer by the end of August.

Unfortunately today's post will feature two colors that I was not impressed with. The formula in both left plenty to be desired. The first is Pure Ice Twinkle:

After three coats of this thin polish you can still see the nail line. This color is not even good enough to do a jelly sandwich with because it doesn't spread evenly. I fell in love with this peach gold shimmer in a bottle, but the application was a chore. 

The second color is a purple/fuchsia neon with fuchsia and blue glitter. Here is China Glaze's Flying Dragon (neon) 

Maybe I should have put this over a white base, I don't know if that would have helped this CRAPPY formula. I shook the bottle I don't know how many times throughout the application and each time the top of the bottle would show signs of separation. The glitter sunk to the bottle and didn't surface when I polished.The polish didn't lay evenly as I polish, even though I tried to minimize my strokes. As you can see my tips were wearing after just 1 day. It's more like a grape color versus a neon. I will be putting this in my giveaway pile, so disappointed. 

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